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Altistart 22

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How is the Altistart ATS22 set for 3 wire control?
Wire the momentary normally closed STOP contact to LI1 and the momentary normally open START contact to LI2.
Program the ATS22: In the I-O menu, set LI2 to Start (3 wire control).

Why will the Enclosed Altistart 22 product selector not allow selection of Pilot Light Cluster C07?
Shunt Trip Power Circuits B05 ( Basic Shunt Trip ) and S05 ( Full-featured Shunt trip ) are not compatible with Pilot Cluster C07. The Fault indicator pilot on C07 is controlled by the ATS22 trip status relay output. When a shunt trip power circuit is used, the ATS22 trip status relay controls the shunt trip and therefore is not available for pilot light control. In a fault condition, the shunt trip will interrupt power at the main disconnect and all indicator lights will be out.

What causes an StF fault on an Altistart 22 soft starter?
The StF fault means the starter has exceeded the maximum start time setting tLS in the SEt menu.
tLS needs to be set higher then the ACC time. Example: If ACC ramp up time is 10 seconds, set the tLS max starting time to 20 seconds.
If ILt current limit is too low, the motor may not reach full speed within tLS limit.
Mechanical problems on the load may prevent the motor from reaching full speed within tLS limit.

What are the remedies for an Altistart 22 with an OCF over current fault?
Check the values of OId and OIt parameters in PrO menu.

How to set ATS22 to test an unloaded motor?
Testing the ATS with an unloaded motor, usually trips the ATS22 with SSCr. After entering the correct motor data, and set the LAC to ON:
– t90 = Factory 30 but changed to 10. ( Due to No Load connected and monitor ramp acceleration. This value to be changed back or increased when in the field under actual start-up. )
– ILt = Factor 350 changed to 200% for Shop Testing. Value to be changed in the field if Current Limit trips out.
– tLS = Factory 15s changed to 60s for Shop Testing. ( Changed back to 15s after completion of testing. )
– ACC = Factory 10s change to 60s for Shop Testing. ( Changed back to 10s after completion of testing. )
– SSC = Factory On, changed to oFF. ( Using Voltage control vs. Torque. )
– ItH = Found to be on ErUn, changed to On. ( Factory is On. )

How is a faulted ATS22 reset?
After the condition that created the fault has been corrected, a fault reset can be accomplished several ways:

1) Remove control power from CL1-CL2. After the display has gone blank, apply control power.
2) On the integral or remote keypad, press the 3-key combination of ENT / UP arrow / DOWN arrow, simultaneously.
3) Wire a reset contact to logic input LI2 or LI3 and program it to rSt (remote reset). A momentary contact closure will reset.
4) Use Modbus command word 752 and write a 1 to bit 3

What is NRDY status on the ATS22 soft starter?
nrdY means not ready. Description is a stop command is present, with line and control power on.
or Main power is switching off.
LI1=0 and LI2= 1 in 2 wire control
LI1=1 and LI2= 1 in 3 wire control at power up

Does the Altistart 22 have an analog output?
No, there is not an analog output feature on the ATS22.

What can cause a PHF (phase fault) on the ATS22 Soft Start?
Loss of a line phase.
1. Check the line voltage, the connection to the soft starter and any isolating devices located between the line and the soft starter (contactors, fuses, circuit breakers, etc.).
2. Check the motor connection and any isolating devices located between the soft starter and the motor (contactors, circuit breakers, etc.).
3. Check the motor state.
4. Verify that the run command to the ATS22 is applied AFTER the supply power is applied to L1L2L3. If an isolation contactor coil is energized at the same time as a run command on LI2, expect that the run command will become active before the supply power is applied. The ATS22 will attempt to start, but see no amperage. The PHF fault will follow immediately.

What is the PHbd fault on the ATS22 soft starter?
PHbd is a phase unbalance fault.
1. Check line voltage (Phase to phase the voltage should be balanced)
2. PRO Menu check the following values Ubt and Ubd
a. Ubd – Unbalance threshold (trips the soft start in case of motor current imbalance between 2 or 3 phases. The value is Con % of IN in the COnF menu. This setting can be disabled.
b. Ubt – Unbalance time delay ( Time delay before the PHbd fault is taken into account if there is a current imbalance equal to or greater than Ubd.)
3. With Ubd turned off, run the motor and check the current draw on each phase ( check input and output currents. Between the three phases the current should be balanced. If the current is not balanced and the voltage is balanced problem is related to the motor. If both are balanced, then the problem could be related to the soft start.

What can cause an INF fault on the Altistart 22 soft starter?
Try cycling on and off CL1 and CL2 to see if the fault clears.
If the fault remains, you will need to contact the drives product support group.

Can a reversing contactor be used with an Altistart 22?
Yes, it is possible to use a reversing contactor with ATS22.

How can you change the relay configuration on an ATS22?
First open access to the IO menu by going to the ConF menu, set LAC = ON.
Then go to the IO menu ad set r1 or r2 to the appropriate configuration.

What causes USF on an ATS22 series soft starter?
USF is an Undervoltage Fault. Basically, the incoming supply voltage is too low. The following parameters affect the USF fault:
In the ConF menu, parameter UIn should be set to the nominal incoming 3 phase voltage. The factory default is 480V.
In the PrO menu, parameter USd ( Under Voltage Threshold ) sets the threshold as a percentage of parameter UIn. Parameter USt (Under Voltage Time Delay ) sets the amount of time delay in seconds until a USF trip. The voltage must remain under the threshold for the entire delay to activate the fault.

Note that the undervoltage protection feature becomes operational only after a run command has been issued. When voltage drops to zero, the soft starter will trip immediately, overriding the time delay.

How to increase the starting torque on the ATS22?
Increasing the parameters below can aid in providing more breakaway torque to get the motor moving and up to speed.

SET Menu
Parameter T90 – Initial Voltage. This value is adjustable from 10% to 50% of the full voltage, in increments of 5%. Factory setting is 30%.
Paramter ILt – Current limit. This is the maximum current allowed during the startup. It is adjustable up to 700% of the Motor Rated Current (In parameter). The maximum value is 350% of the Softstart rated current (IcL parameter). Factory setting is 350%.

ADJ Menu (To access the ADJ menu, LAC parameter under the SET menu must be set to “on”)
Parameter bSt – Boost Time. This provides an 80% pulse of the Line voltage (UIn parameter) for 0.0 to 1.0 seconds. Factory setting is 0.0.

What is an OCF trip code on the Altistart 22?
OCF is caused by motor current that exceeds the OId (Overcurrent threshold) and OIt (overcurrent time delay) settings in the PrO menu. The default settings for these from the factory are OId = 200% of the In setting and OIt is 0.5 seconds.

Check that the ATS22 is correctly setup for the application. In should be set at the motor FLA. UIn should be set to the measured Line voltage. Check the setting of ILt under the SEt menu.

Will the ATS22 display light up with control voltage only?
Yes, the HMI should light with control voltage applied. If the display does not light up:
Disconnect the remote HMI.
Verify the correct control voltage is measured at the ATS22 terminals CL1 and CL2
For models ATS22…S6 and ATS22…Q the control voltage should measure ~230vac
For models ATS22…S6U the control voltage should measure ~110vac

How can you view the Altistart 22 soft starters fault history?
SUP menu
Find dEF1= Tip history 1 thru dEF9 Trip history 9

Can you run an Altistart 22 softstart on an ungrounded Delta system?
Yes, the ATS22 can be used on an ungrounded delta system as long as the line voltages are balanced phase to phase (L1, L2 and L3).

What is the max current rating of an ATS22 relay?
Max switching capability:
5A – 250VAC or 30VDC on resistive load (p.f.=1)
2A – 250VAC or 30VDC on inductive load (p.f=0.4)

What causes a CONE fault code on an ATS22 softstart?
This is caused by a loss of communication on the Rj45 port.
If there is an external keypad used please make sure that the cable is connected to the RJ45 port on the softstart.

Can parameters be locked or password protected on ATS22 Softstart?
There is no password protection in ATS22. However, Cod parameter can be used to Lock or Unlock the parameters.
It is used to enable or disable parameters modification on the displays.
When not locked: all R/W parameters can be modified. Also accessible with key combination (ESC + UP +Down) arrow keys
When locked: all parameters are read only on local display or remote keypad display (the parameters can be still modified by serial link and SoMove software).

Can File Transfer be done in Altistart 22 using Remote Keypad?
No. File transfer cannot be done with Remote Keypad. Need SoMove Software or Multiloader for that purpose.

What causes an A17 fault on the ATS22 soft starter?
Keypad buttons are being held longer than 10 seconds. Try releasing the touch screen buttons. Do not hold them more than 10 seconds. Try swapping out the remote HMI keypad. See if the problem follows the keypad or stays with the soft starter.
To reset the fault you have to power cycle the soft starter.

Does the ATS22 soft starters come with built in overload protection?
Yes, The ATS22 soft starters have built in overload protection. The default motor thermal protection is IEC class 10.
You can adjust this value in the programming in the SEt menu.

Do the Altistart 22 soft starters have a internal shorting bypass contactor?
Yes. It is a shorting contactor that closes when the motor is up to full speed. The purpose is to give the current a path around the SCRs. This prolongs the life of the SCRs and reduces heat produced by the soft starter.
Note that this contactor is not for full voltage across the line starting without the soft starter.

What is the command word for the Altistart 22 soft starters for network communication?
The command word address for the ATS22 soft starter is 752.
The ETA status word address for the ATS22 soft starter is 256.

What does an OLF fault code mean on the ATS22 soft starters?
OLF means motor overload fault.  To reset the fault you can go into the Pro menu find ITH set this to OFF power cycle then set it to ON.  This will reset the OLF fault now. Otherwise you have to wait for it to time out and reset on its own. Next, check the motor for blockage, phase rotation etc. Then, check the ACC and tHP settings in SET menu, if ACC= 10 seconds or more, try adjusting the tHP to class 20 or class 30.

What would cause the trip LED to flash on an ATS22 Softstart?
Trip LED on = trip with immediate stop.
Trip LED OFF= no problem
Trip LED flashing = alarm warning no-stop.

If the LEDs are flashing please consult your ATS22 manual and look at the possible alarm conditions.

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