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Altivar 61

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What does the Z suffix mean on the Altivar 61 drives?
The Z suffix means the ATV61 drive will ship without the VW3A1101 graphics keypad display.

How do you install an option card on the Altivar ATV61 drives?
Remove the front display cover by pushing down on the two tabs on the top of the drive.
Once the front cover has been removed you can now install your serial communications card or extended IO card.
Once the Option card has been installed you can not reinstall the front cover by pushing down on the cover until you hear it click into place.

How do you remove or uninstall an option card on the Altivar ATV61 drives?
Remove the front display cover by pushing down on the two tabs on the top of the drive.
Once the front cover has been removed you can now remove or uninstall your serial communications card or extended IO card by pushing in and down on the two tabs that are on top of the option card. Once the Option card has been removed you can not reinstall the front cover by pushing down on the cover until you hear it click into place.

What terminals can the speed pot be wired to on the Altivar ATV61 drives?
The Pot will have 3 terminals The center terminal is the wiper it is wired to AI1+
1st leg is wired to +10vdc
3rd leg is wired to com that is jumpered to AI-

Where is the enter or ENT button on the Altivar ATV61 drives when using the VW3A1101 HMI for programming?
The enter or ENT button is the large round knob on the W3A1101 keypad. Just push the wheel to enter.

Can ATV61 drives use Encoders?
All ATV71 encoder cards except for the resolver and the universal encoder cards can be used on Altivar 61 drives. On the other hand, there is no specific closed loop motor control for ATV61 drives.
The encoder could be used in “monitoring” mode: the speed feedback is used to detect a speed error like Over speed fault (SOF) or a Load slipping fault (AnF).
The second encoder use is the “speed feedback regulation” mode: the speed feedback is used for the motor speed regulation. Indeed, in this mode, we use the encoder feedback instead of the motor estimation function in SVCU motor control mode. On the other hand, contrary to a real closed loop, there is no speed regulation at 0 Hz. All protections linked to the encoder usage are still activated.

When Fr1 is set to encoder, the motor speed feedback from a motor other than the motor commanded by the drive will be used as speed reference like for applications with motors running at the same speed (follower mode).

Does the ATV61 have backspin protection?
The drive can be prevented from commanding the motor to run in reverse, but there is no way to stop the motor from spinning backwards if that’s what the load is trying to do.
Incorporate a mechanical system to prevent backspin. An anti-reverse ratchet is the most common device type.

How do I retrieve the fault history on an Altivar 61 drive?
Go to menu 1.10 Diagnostics to fault history. You may need to increase the access level in the main menu to see 1.10 Diagnostics under the Drive menu.

How can I prevent Undervoltage faults on ATV61 drives?
Go to Drive Menu > 1.8 Fault Management > Undervoltage Mgt. Change the Undervoltage timeout from 0.2s to somewhere between 5-10s.

If the line voltage is less than 480VAC, we can also look at adjusting the Mains Voltage setting to 460V which lowers the trip level for the Undervoltage fault.

What is the ATV61 Drive efficiency?
Depending on HP size and voltage approx 98% at rated load.

Can you power up the ATV61 drive in the lab and program the drive before going to the job site?
Yes, you can power up the drive in the lab and program it before going to the job site. You will need to know how the drive is going to be controlled and will need the Motor data information to be able to set up the drive before going to the job site.

Will the Altivar 61 come standard with Modbus?
Yes, the ATV61 drive will come with an integrated RJ45 connection for modbus or CANopen.

How can I diagnose the OHF overheating fault on the ATV61 drives?
Check to see if the cooling fans are running. Check for blockage on the top of the drive to see if cooling fans are being restricted.
Menu 1.2 monitoring check the drives thermal state as the drive starts to warm up is the signal jumping around which could tell us the thermal sensor is inoperative. The drives thermal should be 100% and below in normal running conditions.

Contact MRO Drives if more assistance is needed.

What causes an OPF1 fault on the Altivar 61 drives?
This fault is triggered when the drive detects one of the motor phases has been lost (or has very low current) for more than 500 msec. Check the connection between the drive and motor.

How can frequencies be skipped in an ATV61?
In menu 1.3 Settings, adjust the following parameters:
Skip Freq = desired frequency ( in the middle of the skip range )
Skip Freq Hysteresis = (+) and (-) frequencies to be skipped.

What is an SCF4 fault in an ATV61?
SCF4 [IGBT short circuit] indicates that there may be a power component fault.
If the fault will reset after a power cycle, the recommendation is to perform a self test via menu [1.10 DIAGNOSTICS]. Select TEST PROCEDURES and then TRANSISTOR TEST. The Motor must be connected to perform this test. Note any results that are not OK.
IF Transistor Test results are all OK, or if the SCF4 fault will not clear after a power cycle; disconnect motor from the drive and test for proper operation without the motor. Note that Motor Control Type (menu 1.4) has to be V/F 2pts an Output Phase Loss has to be NO (menu 1.8) for this test. Attempt to run the drive at several different speeds, checking phase to phase voltage for balance at each speed.
This should only be performed by a qualified technician with appropriate PPE and test equipment. Consult product manuals for details.

What is the master password for the Altivar 61 drives?
There are two pin codes that can be set on the ATV61 and ATV71 drives.
Main Menu arrow and find password enter
Pin code 1 password reset is 6969
Pin code 2 password reset is 2663

What faults are not protected by Fault Inhibition on the ATV61 drive?
The fault inhibition function will be able to inhibit (not display) the fault detection on the « software » fault.
For the critical, internal or hardware faults, the inhibition function does not work to protect the drive from damage.

The fault list given in the programming manual are the ones that Inhibition will work
EnF, InFA, InFb, SOF, SPF, and tnF, APF, CnF, COF, EPF1, EPF2, FCF2, Fd1, LFF2, LFF3, LFF4, nFF, ObF, OHF, OLC, OLF, OPF1, OPF2, OSF, OtF1, OtF2, OtFL, PHF, PtF1, PtF2, PtFL, SLF1, SLF2, SLF3, SPIF, SSF, tJF, ULF and USF faults can be inhibited and cleared remotely by means of a logic input or control bit ([Fault inhibit assign.] (InH) parameter

All the other critical, internal and hardware faults (SCFx, ILx, INFE, CRFx…) will be always active even with INH (fault inhibition) turned on.

What is the fault code PRA on Altivar 61 drives?
PRA is not a fault, but is a drive state meaning that the power removal function is active. The drive is not detecting 24Vdc on the PWR terminal.
Measure for 24Vdc between +24 – COM to verify the internal power supply.
Confirm that the factory installed jumper between +24 and PWR is solidly connected. The jumper is removed if a safety circuit is installed. Verify continuity of the safety circuit.

When the voltage on PWR is re-established, the drive status will return to RDY if there is not an active run command, or NST if a run command is active. To clear NST, remove the run command.

What is an TJF fault on the ATV61 drives?
This fault appears when the estimated temperature of an IGBT is too high. It is a calculated measure based on the switching frequency, drive output frequency and motor current.

Check the size of the load, motor and drive.
Reduce the switching frequency in menu 1.4
Wait for the motor to cool before trying to restart the drive.

What can cause a LCF fault on the Altivar 61 drives?
Monitoring time for closing of line contactor. If, once this time has elapsed, there is no voltage on the drive
power circuit, the drive will lock with an [input contactor] (LCF) fault.

Check to make sure the Line contactor is closing when they give the drive a run command.

Programming Application function: Line contactor command
Check your(LCT) Mains V Time out setting if there is a timing issue try increasing this value. The LCT Mains V Time out is factory set to 5 seconds.

What causes an INF6 fault on the ATV61 drives?
The control terminal pod/block may be loose or there may be (2) serial communication cards installed at once.
INF6 is an internal option fault. Basically, the option card installed on the VFD is not recognized.
First, reseat the control terminal pod. Then, check the 1.11 Identification menu for option 1 and option 2 to see if there are 2 conflicting option cards installed.

Does the Altivar 61 come with Ethernet as a standard protocol?
ATV61 drives do not come with Ethernet as a standard protocol. If you need the option card you can order the VW3A3320 combo Ethernet TCP-IP and IP option card.
A second option would be the VW3A3310D standard Ethernet TCP-IP card or the VW3A3316 standard Ethernet IP option card.

What causes an overcurrent fault or OCF code for ATV61 drive?
OCF fault trips when the drive hardware current limitation is reached. Check that the settings for motor frequency, voltage, current and speed match motor nameplate under 1.4 Motor Control menu.
Check for high inertia or load that is too large.
Check for mechanical blockage.
Monitor the motor current while running under Menu 1.2 Monitoring to see if the motor current is higher than normal.

Why can the Forced Local parameter on the Altivar 61 not be change from NO?
Forced local is not compatible with the Profile set to IO. To use the Forced Local function, the Profile needs to be set to Separate or Not Separate.

What would cause an EPH1 fault on the ATV61 drives?
External fault is assigned to LI6 and its open. The fault is triggered by an external device – check the device that caused the fault and reset.

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