ATV12H075F1 and the Altivar 12 Series

altivar 12

The ATV12H075F1 is a single-phase, 0.75 kW, 1 HP variable speed drive for asynchronous motors. This drive is manufactured by Schneider Electric and is a part of the Altivar 12 series. The core value of the Altivar 12 series was to design a small, high performing, reliable and intuitive series of drives. The ATV12H075F1 dimensions are 142 mm x 105 mm x 156.2 mm, giving it that small, discreet size. Although compact in size, the Altivar 12 series incorporated almost 150 application-specific functions, and delivers higher dynamic performance. The reliability of the drives was next up on the list of importance, which Schneider Electric also produced, with its proven ability to withstand harsh environments. Finally, the ATV12H075F1 allows for the ease of commissioning, wiring and programming with its intuitive design.

The Altivar 12’s are particularly suited for simple industrial machines and for simple consumer machines. Here is a list of some suitable applications:

  • Food industry (mills, ventilation of kitchens, greenhouses etc.)
  • Material handling (car washes, conveyors, etc.)
  • Packaging (small bagging and small labeling machines)
  • Medical/Health (medical beds, treadmills)
  • Simple mechanical applications (mechanical drives, 2-speed DC motors)
  • Machines fitted with fans (Ovens, boilers, etc.)

Technical Specifications and Features:

Range of product: Altivar 12

Product or component type: Variable speed drive

Output of Ampere rating: 4.2 Amp

EMC Filter: Without EMC filter

Line current: 18.9 Amp at 100 Volt, 15.7 Amp at 120 Volt

Transient overtorque: 150…170% of nominal motor torque depending on drive rating and type of motor

Noise level: 45 dB

Weight: 2.87 lbs

Ambient air temperature for operation: -10°C to 50°C protective cover on top of the drive removed


MRO Drives offers the ATV12H075F1 drive as well as the rest of the Altivar 12 series. For more information or to request a quote, please email or call (800) 691-8511.

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