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Emerson Industrial’s Unidrive M is a family of seven variable speed drives, each tailored to specific application needs within the industry. The most prevalent today, the Unidrive M700, provides high performance motor control and ultimate control flexibility for the use of machine builders and specific industrial applications. There is a large range of alternate part numbers to these Unidrive M700’s out on the internet. To understand the model number, let us look at an example: M700-04200185A10101AB100. This is the full part number; common alternate part numbers are M700-04200185A or M700-04200185A10.





Let’s start with M700-04200185A10101AB100:

  • M700 = Model type → This is the standard model that comes with real-time ethernet. Variations to this are M701 and M702
  • 04 = Frame Size → Ranges from 03 (15.0in x 3.3in x 7.9in) – 11 (55.5in x 12.2in x 12.2in)
  • 2 = This is the Voltage range. Which, in this case, is 200 V (200 – 240 ± 10%)
  • 00185 = Heavy Duty current rating (x10)
  • A = Power format

M700-04200185A10 doesn’t give any more information than M700-04200185A since all standard drives come with the extra “10” after the power format. You’ll only see something different there if you’re seeking modular parts, specifically a “U0” after the power format.

The rest of the order code, M700-04200185A10101AB100, can be explained in the following:

  • 1 = Documentation language → This value means English
  • 01 = Customer code → 01 = 60 Hz, 00 = 50 Hz
  • A = cooling option → This one is air cooled via fan
  • B = DB transistor → This drive comes with DB installed
  • 1 = IP20/NEMA 1 rated → This is always a 1
  • 0 = standard conformal coating → This is always a 0
  • 0 = comes without keypad → This is always a 0

This type of order code applies to all Unidrive M700 drives as well as the rest of the Unidrive M series.



MRO Drives has Unidrive M700 drives available from Control Techniques. For more information or to request a quote, please call 800-691-8511 or email sales@mrodrives.com.


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