ILE1B661PC1A3 Brushless DC Motor

lexium ile

The Schneider Electric Lexium ILE1B661PC1A3 is a Brushless DC Motor used to create motion control solutions in a very compact unit. This drive is controlled by a communication bus, an I/O interface for the “Motion Sequence” operating mode, or a pulse/direction interface. ILE1B661PC1A3 has a compact design to reduce the size of the machine. These drives can be used with common applications including packaging, textiles, printing, electronic components, and medical technology. This dispersed drive can also be used in machine building. When it is combined with a controller or PLC, it can create a complex control system architecture simply with affordable cost.

Below are the overall specs for this DC Motor:

Device Short Name: ILE
Motor Type: Brushless DC Motor
Number of Motor Poles: 6
Network Number of Phases: Single Phase
Rated Supply Voltage: 24 or 36 Volts
Network Type: DC
Communication Interface: Integrated Profibus DP
Length: 174 millimeters
Winding Type: Medium Speed of Rotation and Medium Torque
Electrical Connection: Industrial Connector
Holding Brake: Without
Gear Box Type: Straight Teeth Gear, 4 Stages
Reduction Ratio: 54:1 (490:9)
Nominal Speed: 73 Rotations Per Minute at 24 Volts or 88 Rotations Per Minute at 36 Volts
Nominal Torque: 10 N.m at 36 Volts or 9.5 N.m at 24 Volts

Mounting Support: Flange
Motor Flange Size: 66 millimeters
Number of Motor Stacks: 1
Centring Collar Diameter: 16 millimeters
Centring Collar Depth: 4 millimeters
Number of Mounting Holes: 4
Mounting Holes Diameter: 4.4 millimeters
Circle Diameter of the Mounting Holes: 73.54 millimeters
Feedback Type: BLDC Encoder
Shaft End: Keyed
Second Shaft: Without Second Shaft End
Shaft Diameter: 10 millimeters
Shaft Length: 25 millimeters
Key Width: 16 millimeters
Supply Voltage Limits: 18 to 40 Volts
Current Consumption: 700 milliamps (peak) and 5,500 milliamps (maximum continuous)
Associated Fuse Rating: 10 Amps
Input Output Type: 4 Signals Which Can Be Used as Input or Output
Voltage State 0 Guaranteed: -3 to 4.5 Volts
Voltage State 1 Guaranteed: 15 to 30 Volts
Discrete Input Current: Less Than or Equal to 10 milliamps at 24 Volts For Safety Input, Less Than or Equal to 3 milliamps at 24 Volts for Safety Input, or 2 milliamps at 24 Volts for 24 Volt Signal Interface
Discrete Output Voltage: 23 to 25 Volts
Maximum Switching Current: 100 milliamps per Output and 200 milliamps Total
Protection Type: Overload of Output Voltage, Safe Torque Off, and Short Circuit of the Output Voltage

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