The Unidrive M Drive Family: Exploring the M700


Control Techniques designed seven Unidrive M drives (M100, M200, …, M800), each one being designed for a specific application. One of those drives is the Unidrive M700 AC Drive. The Unidrive M700 provides high-performance motor control for induction, permanent magnet and servo motor performance with real-time ethernet. Unidrive M drives provide the highest stability and bandwidth for all industrial motor types. The reason for this is the due to their unique motor control algorithms along with the latest microprocessor technology.

The Unidrive M700 offers the following 3 variations:

  • M700 – Ethernet: This is the standard Unidrive M Drive that comes with onboard real-time ethernet with 1 x STO (Safe Torque Off), including both analog and digital I/O (Input/Output).
  • M701 – Unidrive SP Replacement: Also designed with 1 x STO, analog and digital I/O, and identical control connectors, the M701 includes Unidrive SP Smartcard parameter sets supported to make upgrading to Unidrive M as simple as possible. The Unidrive M701 has 485 serial communications, meaning it provides two parallel RJ45 connectors allowing for simple daisy chaining.
  • M702 – Safety Enhanced: This includes 2 x STO, onboard real-time ethernet and digital I/O. Analog I/O is also an option that can be provided by an SI-I/O.
Here is an illustration of how to break down each of the Unidrive model numbers. For example, the Emerson M700-03200050A is a real-time ethernet, 200 to 240 V, 0.5 HP current rating, AC drive.


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