MDS Drives

MDS Drives
Control Techniques Modular Drive Systems, or MDS servo drives, offer a tremendous solution for your applications requiring multiple axes. Operating between a power input of 230V AC to 460V AC, these drives can support up to three different sizes of power modules and u to 8 other drive modules. These drives are used in many applications such as arm control, feed control, spindle speed control, tension control and position control. A broad overview of the technical specifications of this product include:

  • Torque and velocity limits
  • 8 user defined speed presets
  • Programmable Input/Output
  • Programmable encoder output
MRO Drives offers repair services as well as an exchange program for Schneider Electric, Yaskawa, Siemens, and all other manufacturers listed on our website. All repairs include a 12 month warranty for your satisfaction.

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MDS Drives Description Stock Level
300488-04 MD-407 Backplane Call For Stock
300491-04 MD-420 Backplane Call For Stock
MD-404-00-000 Drive Module, 8.35 lbs, 3.3 kW, 4 Arms/2.8 Arms, Convection Call For Stock
MD-404-BASE Power Module Base, 0.974 lbs Call For Stock
MD-407-00-000 Drive Module, 8.35 lbs, 5.8 kW, 7 Arms/5 Arms, Integral Fan 4 In Stock
MD-410-00-000 Drive Module, 8.35 lbs, 8.3 kW, 10 Arms/6.5 Arms, Integral Fan Call For Stock
MD-420-00-000 Drive Module, 10.25 lbs, 16.7 kW, 20 Arms/ 14 Arms, Integral Fan Call For Stock
MD-434-00-000 Drive Module, 12 lbs, 28.3 kW, 34 Arms/ 22 Arms, Integral Fan Call For Stock
MP-1250-00-000 Power Module, 8.35 lbs, 12.5 kW, 17 Arms, Convection Call For Stock
MP-2500-00-000 Power Module, 8.35 lbs, 25.0 kW, 35 Arms, Integral Fan Call For Stock
MP-5000-00-000 Power Module, 10.25 lbs, 50.0 kW, 70 Arms, Integral Fan Call For Stock
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