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Control Techniques

Control Techniques Unidrive (Uni) DRIVE AC UNIDRIVE SIZE2 24.3AMP 380/480VAC 15HP (UNI-2403)

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Operating Modes Open Loop 12kHz 11.7
Closed Loop vector Max. Continuous Output Current at 50°C ambient (A)
Servo 3kHz 20
Regen 4.5kHz 17.3
Nominal Rating - kW 11 6kHz 14.7
Nominal Rating - hp 15 9kHz 11.6
Max. Continuous Output Current at 40°C ambient (A) 12kHz 9.7
3kHz 25 Typical Input Current (A) 21
4.5kHz 21.7 Max. Continous Output Current (A) 25
6kHz 18.2 Minimum Resistance (Ω) 30
9kHz 14.2 Instantaneous Powe Rating (kW) 20
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