Request a Repair Quote

You can request a quote for repair by contacting us via phone, email, or fax, or using the link below.

Phone (800) 691-8511
Fax (919) 415-1614

Our Repair Benefits

MRO can restore your failed unit to remanufactured condition and save you up to 75% compared to buying new. We offer standard repair pricing to ensure you the best value for your repair.

Our technicians have years of experience with most manufacturers and models.

The Repair Process

MRO repairs CNCs, PLCs, Servo/Spindle Drives, Motors, Amplifiers, VFDs, HMIs, and more - most of which can be repaired in only 3-5 days.

Our certified technicians use rigorous testing procedures to ensure your parts are restored to fully functioning condition.

Warranty & Core Credit

Our team proudly stands behind all repairs by providing a minimum 2 year warranty.

Take advantage of our Core Exchange program to expedite same day repair shipments and receive credit towards the purchase of a new or refurbished model.